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Plants bring a garden to life

You'll be completely enlightened by what the correct planting can do for your section. We're ready to show you our ideas and solutions for your garden. 

We have many years experience working with Dunedin's climate and the challenges presented by the varied micro-climates, aspects and elevations through our diverse local regions.

Whether you like NZ natives, bold exotic plants, foliage or flowers, we know what is likely to thrive in your particular outdoor space. 

We are here to make sure all planting in your garden gets off to the best start

  • Planting plans specific to site and client tastes

  • Sourcing good nursery stock and professional planting 

  • Use of correct fertiliser and soil improvement

  • Use of the most appropriate mulches or plant mats

  • Plant protection from wild weather and browsing pests

  • Design and installation of irrigation systems

Planting Plans

Planting Specialists

Planting can provide shelter, sustenance, wildlife habitats, shade, stabilisation and aesthetic pleasure.

Ashford Landscaping specialises in the following: 

  • NZ Native planting schemes to best adapt to our environment  

  • Native bush and riparian revegetation

  • Orchard design and planting

  • Vegetable garden and berry cage design

  • Ornamental flowering garden borders whatever your taste

  • Street trees and subdivision or new development planting

  • Trees, shelter belts and hedges

  • Bank stabilisation planting

  • Marginal aquatic and pond planting

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