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Ashford Landscaping creates your unique design.

Paul Ashford will personally help you through the design process. Over the last 14 years he's designed a multitude of diverse outside spaces in and around Dunedin. 


Landscape Design Options

The level and type of design services offered should link directly to your site and your specific needs.

Some options include:

  • Landscape concept plans

  • Planting plans

  • Drainage plans

  • Specific landscape feature design such as steps, decks or patios

  • Surveying levels on variable sloped sites

  • 3d site modelling

  • 3d planning of specific landscape features

  • Detailed specifications for landscape construction

  • Scale construction drawings

  • Scoping for landscape management projects 

Design your concept plan

Got a blank canvass section - don't know where to begin?

Want to update an exiting garden?

concept plan will break up the area, skipping over finer details to instead concentrate on how the space will be used, identifying functional areas, aesthetics, form and how the planting fits into the overall scheme.

You can choose your favorite from several potential designs, and keep working with Paul as the design is refined until ready for construction.

Perhaps you need a simple sketch, perhaps a multi-phase master plan.... here are some varied examples:

Concept plans can include any of the following:

  • Hard surface areas

  • Locations of lawns, decks, driveways...

  • Steps, terraces and level changes

  • Retaining walls and fences

  • Mapping out existing trees & vegetation

  • Deciding where new planting will go

  • Lighting schemes

  • Drainage

Detailed design & 3D plans

A precisely modeled design helps you visualise what we know we can build for you. This is especially useful for difficult multi-level sites. A 3d plan allows us to predict with more certainty what will be required to implement the design, therefore the quotation we provide will be fixed and well specified, leaving you with less uncertainties and more confidence in your Landscape Contractor.


Check out some of our past 3D modelling plans on Pinterest here: 


Our browse some examples in this gallery:

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